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Tik Tok Trending Videos + What You Need To Know

Good Soup
Iconic sound from TV show “Girls” where Adam Driver takes a sentimental spoonful of soup and says “Good soup”. Now, this is one those things which TikTok creators decide to blow up for no real reason. 

SEPT 2021

1. #WeDoNotCare

2. #ADayInMyLife

3. #4thOfJuly

4. #BBQ

5. #FamilyTime

6. #PastaChips

7. #WeekendTrip

8. #DisabilityPride

9. #ItCostThatMuch

10. #SmallBusinessTips



 Users to share their best musical remixes. Whether it’s a different take on a song (changing the genre or lyrics, for example) or a mashup of multiple songs.



Challenge for  aspiring goalies to share their best saves. It’s also possible to get creative by sharing the best soccer goalkeeping gloves, clips of the best professional saves, or even ranking the all-time best professional keepers.


Challenge is about users selecting their favorite  song and showing their appreciation for the beloved band. 


The challenge asks users to share a small game that others might not know about. These hidden gems aren’t big titles like Call of Duty and FIFA, but lesser-known independent projects. One such example is Lake, a chill game about delivering mail 

Berries and Cream
This sound from  early 2000’s candy commercial. After some creators realized their new haircut made them look very much like a certain character in the commercial 




TikTok: Whats Else is  New?

TikTok LIVE platform allows creators to livestream to fans while responding to viewer comments and questions and accept virtual gifts.   Top  LIVE categories to date included chat/Q&A, gaming, talents, fashion and daily life.  Below are a few new features:

LIVE Events is a new tool that lets creators schedule, manage, and promote LIVE videos. 

Picture-in-Picture enable users to  seamlessly continue watching LIVE videos across their device with Picture-in-Picture on iOS and Android.

LIVE Q&A enables hosts to easily engage with and respond to viewer's questions in realtime. 

Go LIVE Together  gives people the ability to easily go LIVE through  with more chances for LOL inducing interactions, twice as many behind the scenes reveals, and more ways to connect with top creators.

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