From Special Occasion to Daily Craving

We brought this brand into the daily repertoire of millenials with a big idea that feels much larger than the budget.


TERRA Chips launched over 20 years ago – originally having been cooked up in their founders' Brooklyn apartment kitchens. They were the first of their kind: delicious premium snack chips made from real root vegetables. TERRA chips had built a loyal following, yet over time realized consumption was limited due to the fact that consumers saw them only as a special occasion niche brand.


To take the brand to millennials as a daily snack, we positioned TERRA as the opposite of bland snacking. “Snack in TERRAcolor” celebrates the brand’s distinct colors and eating experience – the antidote to the mindless “beige” snack chip.


We were ready to go with a brand new strategy and creative idea, but the brand’s budget wasn’t. Dollars to produce the campaign weren’t yet available, but we were impatient to see the brand grow, as were our clients. So, we acted like a startup and produced the soft-launch social campaign using agency employees as talent and shooting in-house, to allow the brand to create a library of assets, at low cost and make an impact pre-launch. The campaign was later re-produced as more funding was received from the high performance of Burns Group's initial work. The integrated campaign, social community and all assets are still produced weekly at BG’s office.



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