Dispo: the Anti Instagram App

Dispo is a new social media app inspired by a physical disposable camera that comes with the tagline, "Capture and share moments." What sets it apart from Facebook and Instagram, which also let you capture and share moments, is that any photo you take has to be through the app — and it "develops" the next day. Oh, and you can't edit the photos that you've taken with Dispo or upload your own photos.


When you take a photo, it "develops" in your library. You cannot see them right away. This is one of the ways that this app is different from other photo-sharing apps: It takes away all instant gratification. Once photos are developed, you cannot edit or alter them. You also cannot upload photos previously taken. Every picture is taken through the Dispo camera — a one-and-done experience.

It's interesting that Dispo forces you to interact with a community of people you don't know. You can create your own "roll" and set a theme to it — like the ones you see below — but you cannot join a roll unless you are invited. The more people that you follow on the app, the more rolls you get invited to.

Another interesting difference with the Dispo app is that there is no home feed page. When you use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, the people you follow show up on your feed when they post. Without a homepage, your follower count doesn't matter. You can follow 500 people but won't be able to see what they're posting unless you're in the same roll. 

Source: Farrah Penn, BuzzFeed

Valence: Social Network Connecting Black Professionals

Valence is a social network built to connect Black professionals. It highlights and emphasizes the Black professional community around the world and aims to create meaningful connections that result in new enterprises and career opportunities for members.  As members of the Valence community, black professionals have access to a global community of high-powered business pros like Fuller, Alford (a senior vice president at PayPal and a director on the Facebook board), Jordan Fudge, the co-founder and managing director of Sinai Ventures, Modi Oyewole, the director of marketing at Epic Records, and Christine Simmons, the chief operating officer of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts.  These members will also have access to job opportunities from top companies, networking events, advice on raising capital and entrepreneurship and a targeted mentorship program focused on providing quick bits of advice or references from direct requests posed to network members.

Companies and individuals who identify as partners can access the network to discover members, post jobs, contact members directly and provide advice, support and events for the community, according to a statement.

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub, TechCrunch