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Genesys Works

From ending poverty  to #employchange

With more and more companies looking to affect meaningful societal changes due to movements like #BLM, national youth workforce development program Genesys Works sought to redefine their brand to speak directly to corporate America’s industry leaders. Genesys Works tapped Burns Group to urge corporate America to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workforce, beginning with employing young, hardworking and talented individuals. Burns Group reworked their brand strategy via extensive insight work and a powerful messaging strategy - which led to an impactful new identity and social campaign that answered today’s urgent call for systemic change in corporate America. The #EmployChange campaign launched in October 2020 with content on LinkedIn and Instagram, distributed by Genesys Works and corporate partners like Salesforce, AT&T and Target.



Genesys Works was in a cluttered category of non-profits committed to building more diverse workforce pipelines that help individuals from disadvantaged communities work hard to get corporate internships. No one knew Genesys Works from another program, and there was and still is a general lack of knowledge for the category. Genesys Works, like its competitors, was focusing on the individual and their achievement versus the larger repercussions that this social enterprise creates in its communities. We had to get donors and corporate partners inspired by the mission of Genesys Works and the hard work of the students it represents. The students weren't just changing their own lives– they were setting higher standards for the future of their families and communities.


Burns Group uncovered a unique and ownable positioning for the brand that is motivating to all constituents: donors, corporate partners and students/parents. Our process included interviews with major stakeholders and corporate partners, a cultural and competitive analysis and co-creation with gen-z and millennial donors on BrandInformers™. From there, we developed all aspects of the brand's foundation followed by a messaging strategy for the brand, donors, and corporate partners which was then adapted by our creative team to be consumer facing.




After landing their brand foundations, we worked to transform their outward communications beginning with a brand identity update. COVID-19 hit and a call for social justice arose and Genesys Works wanted to seize the moment as an economic justice organization who was pushing for more equitable futures for all. We developed the #EmployChange social campaign, concepting and producing the campaign assets (video, static, giff) and asset library for future use. #EmployChange launched in mid October of 2020 with the support of their corporate partners from Salesforce to Target to AT&T.

Brand Foundations

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Messaging Strategy

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Identity Refresh

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Campaign Development


Brand Foundations | BrandInformers™ | Messaging Strategy | Campaign | Social + Digital | Brand Identity  | Video + Production 

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