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burns group Updates on covid-19

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 Brandinformers™ insights

 We are fielding a weekly study through our BrandInformer’s practice, where we’re digging into how consumers want to engage with brands. We’ll be looking at results weekly and over time, by industry, demographic group and geography. We’ll use this information to provide the kind of up-to-the minute and brand-specific guidance you need as things change weekly. Click here  to view the weekly infographics.

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response matrix

 We have created a brand consideration framework that defines the variety of approaches brands could take at this time from a messaging standpoint. Should you bring humor to this situation? Connection? Instruction? Book a free workshop with the BG team to unlock where your brand fits on the matrix (or if no response is the best path forward).  Click here to check out the matrix. If you'd like to schedule a  meeting to put the framework into action, please reach out.

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BG connection "zoomshops"

 Human behavior is a complicated thing – particularly now. Burns Group is hosting a weekly “BG Connect Zoomshop” led by our very own Alison Earl, Positive Psychology Practitioner. Alison will be sharing relevant insight from behavioral economics and the results from our BrandInformer™’s work. Click here  to view past Zoomshops. 

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brand response tracking

Brands are adjusting to COVID-19 daily and re-routing strategies and messaging. We are interested in how these dynamics are shifting categories and culture in real time. To view our live tracking of brand responses to COVID-19 click here

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