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By: Ann-Christine Diaz

Words matter. That’s the idea behind nonprofit Catalyst’s campaign for International Women’s Day. The organization, along with agency Burns Group created a Slack plug-in that helps to weed out unconscious bias that emerges in conversations over the platform and “correct” them with positive language. For example, if a user refers to a woman as “emotional,” it will change the word to “passionate,” while a term like “aggressive” will become “assertive.”


Catalyst focuses on creating “workplaces that work for women.” The #BiasCorrect effort also includes assets featuring powerful women and the negative terminology they have been associated with. Hillary Clinton, for example, tweeted an image of herself superimposed with the word “bossy” and a new definition of the term: “The way in which a woman who excels at taking charge of a situation or project is labeled due to unconscious gender bias.” Her comment adds further clarification: “Women aren’t 'Bossy,’” it reads. “We’re the boss.” It then directs viewers to the Catalyst site, where they’re invited to upload their own photos and create their own #BiasCorrect image as well as download the Slack plug-in.

Others participating in the campaign include Unilever Head of Diversity Mita Mallick, Facebook Global Lead Tawana Murphy Bennett, Nationwide EVP-Chief Administrative Officer Gale King and Ellevest CEO and Co-founder Sallie Krawcheck.

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