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Deep Dive on Twitch

What is Twitch?

Twitch is more than a live streaming service. It’s a place where creators like you can share the things you love with a community of millions and also carve out a tight-knit corner of the internet to call your own. Twitch is a place where your voice can be heard live, and your audience can too. The content on this site is designed to help you grow as a creator, develop a community, and earn a living doing what you love.

  • Live-streaming platform, with content related to gaming and esports.  Though content is quickly expanding to just about anything.  From cooking, workouts, music, creating customer sneakers (how very “maker”)

  • Content creators stream via Twitch and engage with viewers via Twitch Chat.  

  • Viewers can support streamers through donations and subscriptions (starting at $5/month, of which Twitch takes ~50-7% cut)

  • 40 MM active users in the US, 3 MM active creators

  • 15 MM daily streams

  • Owned by Amazon


Who uses it?

  • A staggering 73% of the platform’s users are 34 or under, with 41% between 16 and 24

  • Skew Male and Young (41% are 16-24)


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Why should we care?


Although Twitch is primarily associated with gaming, it’s quickly becoming the go-to place for live-streaming content at large

Tremendous growth forecasted:

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  • Reaches 50% of Millennial Males in the US

  • 58% of Twitch users have posted a review of a product, company or service in the past month, or posted a comment in a forum, in the last month, 1.4 times the global average.

  • 45% of Twitch users say they would buy a product or service simply for the experience of being part of the community built around it, 1.45 times the global average. 

  • The most distinctive role that they think brands should play in the consumer’s life is to connect them with other fans of the brand, 1.5 times the global average.

Twitch Terms

  • Twitch chat: It is where users can post comments, ask questions and engage with streamers

  • Subscriptions: Twitch users can support channels by “subscribing” to a channel.  Gets you perks, including ad-free viewing and access to subscriber-only emotes (think: branded, unique emojis that are exclusive to Twitch).

  • Emotes: huge part of culture and communities.  Streamers use them to brand themselves.  But also meme-worthy way to interact. Users can also have “brag-worthy” memes for their subscriber -only exclusive  emotes

  • Payments: Beyond subscriptions, users can support streams through straight-up monetary donations via apps such as PayPal, which in turn show donations on-stream

  • Bits: Twitch’s in-app currency which also unlocks badges for users the more they spend.

To read a full glossary of terms, click here. It's extensive and foreign, for sure.

Marketing on Twitch


Ad-revenue sharing program & Traditional Advertising placements (served to non-subscribers)

In Game promotional activity (Head and Shoulders promo to win in game points by engaging - acted as lead gen)

Partnering with Influencers (Energizer Batteries)

Participating by playing Games (eg: Wendy’s)

Digital event sponsorships, Digital event, concerences, roundtables (even Bernie, AOC) 


Anatomy of Twitch Stream

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