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Burns Group excavated a brand positioning that could lead to up-sell and limit needless innovation

Immersion | Brand Foundations | BrandInformers™ | Consumer Messaging


​Burns Group dove into a deep immersion to understand the pedagogy and architecture of the tech offering. After a solid grounding in the product, we turned to consumer input and interviewed users, investors and parents. Keeping the competitive perceptual map in mind, we developed a unique position that could not be replicated in the industry. We then generated value propositions for every stage of the funnel and validated them with consumers on our BrandInformers platform.

Note: Due to confidentiality, full process and deliverables can only be revealed within a face-to-face meeting. 


We created a laser focused messaging and true north star for growth.

Brand Foundations

confidentiaL: BRAND Positioning

Website Messaging Transformation: upon completion of BrandInformers co-creation on Brand Strategy

Transformed Website

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