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Labatt #seizethelake

From Boomer Beer to Millennial Beer

We created #SeizetheLake to drive brand relevance with a new generation of Labatt drinkers.

This summer, Labatt sought to establish its relevance among its core demographics, particularly within the Great Lakes market. Given the region’s prominent “lake culture,” Labatt wanted to show how the brand deeply understands (and endorses) this summer time phenomenon. 



Labatt tapped Burns Group to create a campaign that was built on the idea that our always on, Twitter-feeding reality keeps us from letting go, relaxing and tapping into our fun sides. The campaign, “Seize the Lake,” sought to convey that Labatt drinkers in the Great Lakes market have a “real self” but also have a “lake self.” The “real self” depicts a functional, and responsible, working, bill-payer. On the other hand, the “lake self” drinks Labatt, feels pants are absolutely optional and showers when it’s Monday again.

Labatt also challenged Burns Group to create a mini campaign pre-Memorial Day to help increase ROS during key shopper periods in the summer. Burns Group developed “You Blue It,” which embraces “fails” and celebrates them. The campaign consists of paid, social, and digital, along with a social sponsorship with Barstool sports. Burns Group conducted extensive research on Twitter to become more involved in ongoing, “fails”-related conversations.



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