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Simmons Is Revealing Its Rebrand on TikTok to Reach the Next Generation of Customers

Bedding company's sales have declined due to DTC brands

By Kathryn Lundstrom

In the face of continued pressure from digitally native, direct-to-consumer mattress brands, Serta Simmons Bedding is continuing to readjust to shifting consumer preferences by increasing direct-to-consumer options and targeting younger audiences.

This year, the conglomerate worked with agency Burns Group to completely reinvent the oldest of its brands, Simmons. It created a new brand identity, called “Just For Fun-ZZZ,” and DTC website. It also revamped pricing and product design and developed a new ecommerce storefront, additional social content and digital advertising. This week, it launched a new campaign on TikTok to reach Gen Z consumers—those who are, or soon will be, living on their own for the first time and in need of basic furniture like mattresses.

Simmons partnered with five creators who developed videos for TikTok using an original track made for the campaign, Snoozzzapalooza. The campaign addresses the strange summer that young people are facing, with concerts and music festivals canceled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As one creator put it, there’s still one place you can experience music festivals this summer: in your dreams.

The 150-year-old mattress brand is hoping the “social first” campaign strategy will allow it to better compete with industry disruptors like CasperPurple and Leesa.

Snoozzzapalooza is “an answer to the overwhelming and very boring mattress shopping experience,” said Burns Group executive creative director Nicole Lucey. And while using TikTok to reintroduce the brand to younger consumers was the plan from the beginning, it took a different turn after the coronavirus pandemic upended the usual summer schedule for young people.

“We knew our campaign had to help fill the festival void,” Lucey said. She sees the campaign as a festival itself, something that TikTok users can participate in, and that she hopes will “help Simmons earn the love of young consumers and cancel one more thing—boring mattress marketing.”

Traditional mattress brands have seen shrinking sales for years as more and more consumers turn to ecommerce for the convenience and value of DTC brands—but that doesn’t mean that Serta’s been sitting idly by. Two years ago, Serta Simmons Bedding merged with one of those digitally native mattress brands, Tuft and Needle.

“Simmons might be the oldest mattress brand, but we’ve never shied away from trying new marketing tactics,” said Serta Simmons Bedding CEO Melanie Huet.

The new campaign “celebrates young consumers and the platforms they live on,” Huet added. “By bringing the festival circuit and interactive culture they are missing into their homes now, we hope the affection we build for our brand will result in them bringing home a Simmons in the future.”


Client: Serta Simmons Bedding, Melanie Huet, CMO
Agency: Burns Group
Executive Creative Director: Nicole Lucey
Associate Creative Director: Sarah Ratinetz
Associate Creative Director: Tim Glebocki
Art Director: Jessica Kesner
Copywriter: Arielle Shorr
Account Director: Hilary Bergman
Account Executive: Rachel Zamsky
Strategy Director: Christina Faeh

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