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Terra turns veggie chips into paints, delivering 16x higher engagement rate on Instagram

By: Chris Kelly
  • Hain Celestial snack brand Terra Chips ran a social campaign that far exceeded engagement benchmarks on Facebook and Twitter, according to data shared with Mobile Marketer. The campaign was created by Burns Group.

  • To demonstrate that the vibrant colors of Terra Chips come from natural — not artificial — ingredients, the brand turned its vegetable ingredients into paint. Videos of the paint-making process and painting with the pigments were turned into promoted Facebook and Instagram posts.

  • The Facebook post had an engagement rate of 47.76%, exceeding the benchmark engagement rate for a boosted post of 5% by nearly ten times. On Instagram, a static image and a video had engagement rates of 21.44% and 55.28%, respectively. The static image engagement was 16 times higher than a benchmark engagement rate of 2.95% for Instagram.


The high engagement rates that Terra Chips saw on Instagram and Facebook demonstrate the efficacy of creative campaigns that reinforce a brand’s identity while also matching the style of user-generated content on those platforms. The campaign featured a creative way to highlight Terra Chip’s brand identity as a maker of healthy, vegetable chips that have the vibrant colors of their ingredients — the type of CPG snack that might be favored by millennials, who more frequently embrace healthier, natural food offerings.

The colorful campaign falls in line with the rest of Terra Chips' Instagram account, which resembles that of one of its millennial customers due to its use of bold colors, inspirational text and photos staged with the look and feel of the platform in mind. The campaign also included an Instagram story that provided step-by-step instructions on how to create the vegetable paints, similar to cooking and crafts videos on the platform. Similarly, apparel brand Aerie saw success by mimicking user- or influencer-generated content in its YouTube videos.

The social effort is part of the brand’s larger "Snack in TERRAcolor" campaign, which launched in June. The effort skewers uncolorful beige foods and featured an interactive consumer experience at partner airline JetBlue’s terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

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