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URSA: URSA Relaunch by Burns Group

After four months of collaboration with the help of their agency partner, Burns Group, geospatial intelligence portal Ursa unveiled its refreshed brand identity and website. Looking for a new identity to help the company communicate its complex offerings in a digestible way to key audiences and stakeholders, Ursa tapped BGIN, the branding and design accelerator within Burns Group, to elevate their brand voice, while maintaining a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire brand experience.

The rebrand by BGIN includes strategy, brand architecture, brand communications platform, visual identity (collateral), refreshed messaging and website redesign.

Drawing inspiration from retro space posters beloved by the founders, BGIN and Ursa landed on a retro, yet modern and fresh color palette for the rebrand. Inspired by the namesake constellation Ursa and the way that a constellation connects points helped BGIN and Ursa land on the company positioning – that Ursa creates impactful connections between data and people.


Rosie O’Regan - Designer

Betsy Guerro - Copy Writer

Marc Personick - UX/Web Designer

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