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TERRA Launches New Snack in TERRAcolor Campaign by Burns Group

By: Newsroom

While TERRA Chips has built a loyal following behind their uniquely delicious and naturally vibrant real vegetable chip varieties, they often are considered by consumers as a snack that’s more for special occasions than every day. Burns Group was called on to change this perception and tempt millenials with a more experiential snack chip and celebrate what’s unique about TERRA’s real vegetable chips.

The campaign combines color, unique settings and upbeat music in a palette inspired by the vibrant colors of TERRA’s root vegetables, allowing consumers to step away from the bland and add color to everyday snacking. The campaign was crafted from the outset to stop TERRA’s target audience in their tracks as they scroll or stream online. The campaign will run across a variety of channels, including Streaming video (YouTube, Roku, Hulu, Amazon Fire, Programmatic), Facebook, Instagram (paid and organic), as well as programmatic digital display and search.

Further, JetBlue will be promoting their 18-year partnership with TERRA by playing the campaign on their aircraft seatback screens during the month of July, serving chips onboard flights and setting up a TERRA chip booth in JFK’s Terminal 5.

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