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BurnsGroup_Labatt BLUE_From Boomer Beer to Millennial Beer_2018

Labatt BLUE + Labatt Blue citra

From Boomer Beer to Millennial Beer

We created Labatt Citra to drive brand relevance with a new generation of Labatt drinkers.

Labatt wanted to ensure the audience really understood that their newest beer didn’t taste or even smell like any beer they’d brewed before. The campaign was born from the insight that millennials live in a plugged-in-always-on world and grew up in a time where the whole world can be accessed from a screen on their desk or in their hand. This reality can make us all feel like caged animals. So, why not use our product as an actual lure, tempting these feral creatures out and back to nature for a little fun?

The campaign displays the feral millennials’ exploration of the ‘world outside’ and the new taste profile for the beer category.  Using a cinematic and humorous approach, Blue Citra is the catalyst that helps millennials break free from the captivity of their offices and awaken their senses.

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