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Centrum Microworkouts_Brand Foundations_2018

centrum microworkouts


We married strategic rigor with nimble creativity to grow this historic brand in record time —  activating a full scale digital campaign with the sole objective of “Winning January” — driving Centrum product sales in the first month of the year.



Centrum needed to break through the seasonal clutter (Lose weight! Get back into the gym! Stop smoking!) and telegraph that the brand wasn’t for old people. Not an easy task, given that the brand was associated with senior citizens and the category had become irrelevant.




Our first step was to strategically reframe the existing product to give consumers a new reason to believe that Centrum should be a vital part of their daily routine. Driving insight through constant collaboration with consumers on our platform, BrandInformers™, we created a fresh new brand lexicon that sparked them to look at Centrum’s role in a new way: from benign multivitamins to MICRONUTRIENTS that fuel a healthy body.  

We landed our big idea — a fun, play on workout videos, or “microworkouts”,  and in a few short weeks, created over 50 pieces of digital, broadcast, social and in-store assets. During the development phase we shared all of our work-in-progress with a group of category users and rejectors to optimize messaging, CTAs, and vehicles.


Centrum Microworkouts_Brand Foundations_2018


increase in YouTube subscribers


increase in unpromoted sales


digital impressions

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