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FPO: In 2020 we doubled down on our efforts to #BiasCorrect the workplace, once and for all, focusing on inclusion and the involvement of men. We expanded the campaign to 5 languages and took the experience further by creating a series of videos where our participating women describe a moment they felt defined by unconscious gender bias in their careers, helping us continue to make this issue feel more personal in order to motivate people to join the #BiasCorrect mission.



The response to the 2019 #BiasCorrect campaign confirmed that many people are unaware of the impact of unconscious gender bias in the workplace, reaching an estimated 188.5 million people.The #BiasCorrect webpage received more than 114,000 visits from 89 countries across six continents, and since 2019, nearly 300 workplace teams have downloaded the #BiasCorrect plugin in Slack. What we weren't seeing; however, was engagement from men. We realized that it was important to continue to educate everyone about how language affects inclusion, so we re-directed our focus on making the campaign more accessible to men as well as non-english speaking audiences. 



This years campaign, which features 100 influential women and men sharing their experiences with bias, was spread across digital, social, OOH in 500-plus offices across the U.S., New York City bus shelters and Slack channels.


We extended the #BiasCorrect Slack plugin tool so that it is now available in English, French, German, and Spanish. The plugin, updated by WillowTree for the 2020 campaign, tags unconscious bias in real-time conversations, identifying words that create harmful gender stereotypes by suggesting alternatives, such as "passionate" to replace "emotional" and "boss" to replace "bossy." It is available as an open-source code and can be adapted for other instant-messaging platforms.

The revamped #BiasCorrect website features video testimonials from leaders and influencers who have faced gender bias; customizable social media posts for download; and information on how individuals and companies can combat unconscious bias, including a photo uploader enabling men and women to add their own #BiasCorrect words (available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese).

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Estimated Donated/ Paid Media Impressions


Total Companies using the #BiasCorrect Slack Plug-In 


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Increase in visiting Countries to Catalyst landing page YOY


Photo-Uploader Participation from Male Participants

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