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Advertising has the power to reinforce racial stereotypes or to help change them. For decades the ad industry has failed to  represent Black Americans both within the workforce and in the ads we create. 
Brands and agencies (this one included) need to do better - hiring and promoting to leadership roles to shape the work, representing race accurately and consistently in advertising, positively reflecting Black culture, amplifying Black stories and taking a loud stance against racism. 
To drive our own understanding, we asked 500 Black Americans “How are you represented in advertising (if at all)?“ We’re amplifying hundreds of their voices in their raw form, hoping that in listening and learning we will all be moved to act.


Please read and share this link with others in the advertising community.

Burns Group BrandInformers™


500 people

Ages 13-73

Self-identified as Black/African American

All across the USA

Fielded on June 29, 2020

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