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Created for an equal member of the family

At the beginning of April 2020, MMM Consumer Brands saw an opportunity to leverage an emerging shift in consumer behavior in real-time. The growth in pet ownership and pet love due to nationwide stay-at-home orders pointed to a business opportunity.  


MMM partnered with Burns Group to develop a premium, holistic lifestyle brand for pet owners and their beloved family members. The brand was built from the ground up as a subscription-based experience that caters to each individual pet’s needs. Burns Group was responsible for creating the strategic brand foundations, positioning, name, brand identity, including logo, color palette, typography, outer packaging, and the unboxing experience – and did so in under 12 weeks.

The driving insight for the brand is the truth that the animals in our home are more than just pets – they are beloved four-legged family members that deserve the same lifestyle enjoyed by their favorite human. They are bezzies, your best bud for life.


Brand Foundations | Brand Identity  |  Packaging Design | Style Guide 

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